Los Angeles Class submarine
The Los Angeles class nuclear attack submarines were built from 1972 until 1996 and some 44 are still in commission today. The vessel was 362' long and 33' beam and was powered by a nuclear reactor.
They were also made famous by the USS Dallas in the film The Hunt For Red October.
The model is 53" long and 5" beam and is moulded with hatch outlines and markings already scribed.
The set of mouldings consists of  bottom hull, deck and sail made from GRP.
Also the sail dive planes, rear dive planes, rudders, stern extension cone moulded from durable Polyurethane Resin.
The rear dive planes and rudders have 2mm stainless steel actuating rods cast in as an integral part of the fitting.
The sail dive planes are not functional but can be made operational if required.
Why not hunt your own Red October...............
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